Zetiq Technologies reported that the company has successfully completed the first arm of clinical trial aimed to identify and diagnose cervical cancer. The main objective of the trial was to demonstrate and measure the ability of Zetiq's technology to accurately diagnose the presence of cervical cancer cells and the stage of the disease, including in early stages of malignancy, in cervical biopsies. The study reviewed 60 biopsy samples obtained from the archive of Meir MC in Israel which were selected by an unrelated party. The study results demonstrated 100% correlation between the diagnosis based on Zetiq's technology and diagnosis based upon H&E staining,. The study included both Biopsy samples without any abnormal findings (control cases) as well as biopsy samples from advanced disease stages, including from early pre malignant stages of the disease. The company's technology was able to diagnose the samples by both a color stain of the cancer cells as well as the morphological cell changes. Based on the positive results, Zetiq intends to pursue the development of its diagnostic product for diagnosis of cervical cancer. The second arm of the study, aimed at implementing the technology as a screening survey application to point to potential cases of cervical cancer, is still ongoing. Zetiq’s technology, known as CellDetect, uses Dual analysis of both color discrimination and morphological analysis to differentiate between cancerous and normal cells.