ZEISS has unveiled its ARTEVO 800, which marks the first digital microscope in ophthalmic surgery and features DigitalOptics technology to provide depth of field, reduced light intensity requirements and real color impression for increased certainty.

Besides, the ARTEVO 800 offeres real-time digital assistance and detailed information to the surgical vision and is capable of connecting to the cloud through ZEISS Cataract Suite to allow surgeons access patient data remotely.

Carl Zeiss Meditec ophthalmic devices global president Jim Mazzo said: “We’re excited to be here at ASCRS with our customers to share the latest in digitalization, industry-first imaging technology and industry-first milestones. This is a new era of visualization in ophthalmology, and we’re committed to find new ways to support our customers, every step of the way.”

The company has also introduced CLARUS 700, the device that combines ultra-widefield UWF imaging, excellent image quality, and a full range of fundus imaging modalities, including fundus angiography.

The CLARUS 700 has a high-resolution ultra-widefield (UWF) camera with Angiography with true color closely approximating the natural coloration of the retina, as viewed through direct observation.

The company said that the CLARUS 700 has a fast and easy workflow with a simple interface and time-saving data, providing a comprehensive fundus exam, diagnoses, treatment planning, and disease management.

Mazzo added: “With ARTEVO 800 we are entering a new era of ophthalmic visualization for more certainty in surgery by providing the best resolution for our customers. Developed with surgeons for surgeons, the ARTEVO 800 is going to change the future of surgical care by revolutionizing visualization, information, comfort and workflow in the operating room.”

Using the advanced features of the CLARUS 700 device, retina specialists are capable of visualizing changes with high-resolution details from the posterior pole to the periphery.

In addition, the Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) treatment introduced by ZEISS has completed treating 2 million patients till date.

Carl Zeiss Meditec President and CEO Ludwin Monz said: “We are delighted that doctors worldwide have put their trust in SMILE using the minimally invasive laser correction procedure on their patients over 2 million times.

“ZEISS offers one of the most comprehensive Laser Vision Correction portfolios and we continue to create better vision standards for everyone and enable doctors to provide the right solution in refractive surgery to eligible patients.”