Zargis said that the system allows healthcare professionals to share stethoscope sounds in real-time with colleagues located anywhere in the world through the internet or a private network. The technology is cleared for sale in the US and 36 other countries.

ZargisTelemed allows healthcare professionals to record, view and transmit heart and lung sounds and can be deployed as a turnkey enterprise server or accessed through Zargis’ secure server.

The platform is designed to support the delivery of cost-effective, expert healthcare to people in remote and rural locations by extending the use of auscultation (listening with a stethoscope) to situations and environments where face-to-face encounters are not always feasible.

Zargis said that the system is designed to be accessed from users’ PCs and is fully integrated with the Zargis Cardioscan heart sounds analysis software and the Zargis StethAssist heart and lung sounds visualization software.

Zargis has delivered or is scheduled to deliver trial versions of the system to eight telemedicine groups for evaluation and has also signed a letter of intent with one of the larger telemedicine organizations in the world.

The letter of intent requests that Zargis deliver sample systems for formal evaluation. If the results of the evaluation are satisfactory and the terms of the contract are finalised, wide-scale implementation of Zargis’ system is expected to take place.

John Kallassy, CEO of Zargis, said: “The rapidly-growing demand for streamlined telehealth tools is being driven by rising healthcare costs and the need to deliver care to homebound patients as well as underserved populations in remote and rural areas.

“The ZargisTelemed system offers healthcare practitioners around the world with an efficient and highly cost-effective means to share and store stethoscope sounds in a way that’s never before been possible.”