Entellus Medical, a Minnesota-based medical technology company, has reported that its new multi-sinus dilation tool, XprESS, is being widely accepted and used by ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians in the US.

The XprESS multi-sinus dilation tool is used during endoscopic sinus surgery for expanding the frontal recess and sphenoid sinus ostia using a trans-nasal approach and enables the physician to use balloon dilation to open the sinus drainage pathways while reducing the amount of tissue loss as compared to traditional procedures.

The XprESS device has a balloon that slides over a user-shapeable, malleable tip that can be conformed to the patient’s anatomy and allows physicians to cost-effectively access and treat multiple sinuses with a single device.

The XprESS device also has a central lumen to enable suction or irrigation of the sinuses, providing endoscopic visibility and improved efficiency.

Entellus Medical CEO Brian Farley said that they are very pleased with how quickly the market has adopted the XprESS Multi-Sinus Dilation Tool and also said that the ENT physicians appreciate the value in the intuitive design of XprESS, which combines the capabilities of a seeker, balloon dilation, suction and irrigation to treat multiple sinuses in one easy-to-use multi-functional tool.