Company signs contract with Abbott Laboratories for ID NOW COVID-19 testing instruments


XpresCheck reduces COVID-19 testing time from 48 hours to 15 minutes. (Credit: Pixabay/fernando zhiminaicela.)

XpresSpa Group, a health and wellness company, has made a major stride in advancing airport COVID-19 testing by slashing the waiting time for results from 48 hours or more to under 15 minutes. The Company has signed a contract with Abbott Laboratories securing 100 ID NOW testing instruments. This rapid molecular testing technology has emerged as a critical part of the diagnostic landscape to help fight the pandemic by allowing fast, accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Marcelo Venegas, Medical Officer, said, “Cutting the time for results to 15 minutes or less changes the testing paradigm for travelers and airport employees, creating a series of benefits. It means early detection results are known in time to take appropriate measures to prevent disease transmission. This is literally a shortcut to a safer environment for airport staff, travelers, and all of the communities in which  they come in contact.”

Securing the use of the Abbott devices is part of XpresCheck’s strategy to deliver transformative testing and healthcare services to airports across the country. This first mover advantage in the airport space will roll out in September at its flagship locations in JFK International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Doug Satzman, XpresSpa Group CEO, said, “These point-of-care tests are critical to enhancing early detection because of their portability, speed, and reliability which can accelerate care, reduce viral spread, and help people get on the road to recovery sooner. We’ve already identified 60 Large Hub and Medium Hub airports and are in advanced discussions to open additional locations. Our expansion plan includes offering a range of appropriate services and treatments too. We are proud to be playing our part in supporting the return of air travel to pre-pandemic levels by making sure both airport employees and travelers feel safe and confident when they come to the airport.”

Source: Company Press Release