The Bi-Flex Cuff promotes multidirectional mobility and a natural gait pattern, an essential component of central nervous system retraining and recovery.

The new electrode locators help ensure precise placement resulting in consistent and accurate delivery of electrical impulses to lift the patient’s foot at the appropriate time in their walking cycle, something WalkAide patients cannot do for themselves. This new feature helps patients achieve the same optimal results at home as when their practitioners position the WalkAide in a clinical setting.

Additional features of the Bi-Flex Cuff include improved aesthetics, a new latch attachment system, a new dual durometer construction (rigid side to ease one-handed donning/doffing, soft side to conform to the leg for total electrode contact), and a vented design that allows for increased air circulation and better breathability.

Jeff Martin, president of Innovative Neurotronics, said: “We are especially proud of the WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff because the concept is heavily grounded in patient feedback and involvement. Since 2006, the WalkAide has been restoring mobility to thousands of people who suffer from lower leg paralysis or weakness.

“It’s our responsibility to listen to our patients and continually improve upon our already strong and effective product offering. The WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff does just that.”