X-Body Biosciences and SRU Biosystems have entered into a collaboration for the application of the SRU BIND label-free protein detection platform for high-throughput label-free screening of high affinity antibodies.

X-Body Biosciences and SRU Biosystems said that they have jointly developed a new BIND Biosensor design for use with the commercially available SRU BIND Reader that results in a greater than 200-fold sensitivity increase over SRU’s previous sensor and allows for the measurement of sub-nanomolar affinity interactions in an automated microplate format.

X-Body Biosciences has developed a new platform for screening fully human antibody libraries that incorporates the improved SRU BIND Biosensor. X-Body Biosciences has validated the use of this new and improved SRU BIND system for drug discovery by employing the technology to rapidly identify and characterise therapeutic candidates.

Yan Chen, vice president of antibody research at X-Body Biosciences, said: “This improved BIND protein detection system offers throughput and sensitivity antibody screening platform for the drug discovery process.”