The AXLE system is designed to reduce implant volume, decrease incision size and reduce operative time compared to traditional fusion systems.

The implant is placed through a small incision with minimal disruption of tissue and attaches to the rearmost portion of adjacent vertebrae, termed the spinous process, of the lower or middle spine.

The AXLE device is intended to bridge the gap between non-instrumented spinal procedures and reconstructive fusion surgeries.

X-spine Systems founder and CEO David Kirschman said gaining a CE mark for AXLE gives them the opportunity to put this technology into the hands of surgeons in Europe and broader international markets.

X-spine’s other products include the Spider Cervical Plating system, the X90 Pedicle Screw system, the Fortex Pedicle Screw system, the Calix Interbody Fixation system, the Calix ATP Vertebral Body Replacement system, the Fixcet Spinal Facet Screw system, the Butrex Buttress Plating system and the X-PORT minimally invasive access system.