Dr. Mark Smith, Kelyniam’s Vice President of Business Development, said, “Bioplate’s line of plates and screws for cranial and craniofacial surgeons is a perfect fit with our customized PEEK implants. Both companies are recognized for their precision manufacturing and outstanding customer service, so this is a great fit from both cultural and clinical perspectives.”

Kelyniam recently received 510(k) approval for Integrated Fixation System (IFS) Tabs on their line of PEEK custom cranial implants. Bioplate’s titanium fixation screws can be used in conjunction with the IFS tabs, or the entire fixation system can be used by surgeons for routine craniectomies and facial reconstructions.

“Bioplate’s fixation solutions are complementary to our implants and the timing is perfect, coinciding with the approval of our Integrated Fixation System. We can now offer surgeons multiple fixation options, which will increase our opportunities within hospitals that prefer sole-source purchasing.” said Laura Reed, Kelyniam’s National Sales Director.

“Bioplate is excited to partner with Kelyniam in delivering innovative neurosurgery solutions to surgeons and patients, alike,” said Thomas Hopson, Bioplate’s President. “With such complementary products, we believe we can offer tremendous quality and value to customers.”

Kelyniam, specializes in the rapid production of custom prosthetics utilizing computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing of advanced medical grade polymers. The Company develops, manufactures, and distributes custom cranial and craniofacial implants for patients requiring the reconstruction of cranial and certain maxillofacial structures. Kelyniam works directly with surgeons, health systems and payors to improve clinical and cost-of-care outcomes.

Source: Company Press Release.