Wright Medical Group, a global orthopaedic medical device company, has launched the Evolution Medial- Pivot Knee System. The System features enhanced instrumentation, more sizing options and a posterior stabilised option.

Wright said that the new Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System builds upon the clinical experience with the Advance Medial-Pivot Knee System and is designed to replicate the stability and function of the natural knee.

Wright has created the Evolution Knee System to enhance its medial-pivot technology. The enhancements were achieved through engineering concepts and manufacturing technologies, including the use of CT-scans to produce implants which more accurately replicate natural knee anatomy, as well as features to aid in implantation through less-invasive surgical exposures.

The resulting Evolution Knee System is designed to ease rehabilitation and address stability concerns which may be experienced by some total knee replacement recipients.

Alex Winber, director of orthorecon knees at Wright, said: “Wright is very excited to introduce the Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System. The system truly represents the evolution of an exceptional technology. Our expectation is that this next generation medial-pivot design will deliver an even higher level of patient and surgeon satisfaction compared to that of traditional total knees.”