Wright Medical Group, a provider of surgical solutions, has introduced the Claw II Polyaxial Compression Plating system.

The Claw II system, which utilizes ORTHOLOC 3DSi Polyaxial Locking Screw Technology, features the company’s patent-pending Claw plating system, but with enhanced surgical flexibility afforded by new shape configurations and polyaxial screw positioning.

OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Institutefoot and ankle orthopedic surgeon Hodges Davis said since 2006, the Claw plating system has combined stable, rigid fixation with controlled joint compression, which are essential when performing fusions in the foot and ankle.

"The advancements offered with the new Claw II system, such as variable-angle locking screws and anatomically contoured plates for fusions and osteotomies of the forefoot and midfoot, will enable surgeons to chose the appropriate implants to meet the patient’s unique circumstances," Davis notes.