Wright Medical Group, an orthopedic medical device company, has started the limited release of the PRO-TOE VO Hammertoe Fixation System, a solution for patients requiring fusion of the lesser toes for hammertoe deformities.

Wright Medical said the PRO-TOE VO Hammertoe system, the latest addition to company’s suite of products for foot and ankle surgeons, is an efficient surgical solution for fixation of the bones being corrected.

According to the company, the new PRO-TOE VO Hammertoe System will be made available in a limited-release immediately in the US through Wright’s specialised Foot and Ankle sales force.

Additionally, the system will be marketed in select countries outside the US through Wright’s Direct and Distributor-based sales representatives.

Wright Medical Foot & Ankle Marketing director Bob Fencl said that in the US alone, it is estimated that 10-20% of the population suffers from hammertoes with over 500,000 patients requiring surgical treatment each year.

"The PRO-TOE VO Hammertoe implant provides patients, surgeons and facilities distinct advantages over conventional treatment methods available today," Fencl said.