Wound Management Technologies has reported that it is nearing the completion of its registration of CellerateRX in Mexico and has identified its first distributor in that country. The product has been evaluated as the Activated Collagen wound care product and the physicians were impressed with its speed and efficacy in the management of diabetic ulcers and are optimistic that it will play a major role in the management of these types of wounds.

CellerateRX is FDA cleared medical device for acute and chronic wounds which include but are not limited to diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, ulcers due to arterial insufficiency, pressure ulcers stages I-IV, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, superficial wounds, and 1st and 2nd degree burns. It comes in two forms, a powder which is about 95% collagen, and a gel which is about 65% collagen, and contains no additives or synthetics. CellerateRX is manufactured in the United States.

Demand for the product continues to grow in the middle-east as new orders are received the product is also poised for distribution in South East Asia and South America upon completion of the necessary registrations.

Deborah Jenkins Hutchinson, president of Wound Management Technologies, said: “The fact that international recognition for CellerateRX is increasing is encouraging and reinforces what we have believed for a long time and that is that we have the best product in the market for the management of diabetic wounds.”

Cathy Bradshaw, president of Wound Care Innovations, the division that markets CellerateRX, said: “Several independently run evidence-based studies have certified our product’s value, and the overwhelmingly positive data can now be accessed.”