Wound Care Innovations, LLC. announced that it will exhibit its CellerateRx at the New Cardiovascular Horizons and Management of the Diabetic Foot & Wound Healing (NCVH) conference in New Orleans July 9-11.

The company will present two peer reviewed abstracts of CellerateRx, advanced wound care collagen product. One of the abstracts is entitled Emerging Use of Topical Biologics in Limb Salvage: The Role of ‘Activated Collagen’ in the multimodality Treatment presented by Gary M. Rothenberg, DPM, Director of Resident Training-Attending Podiatrist, Miami VA Healthcare System. Dr. Rothenberg is also one of the featured speakers and will be presenting Prophylactic Surgery in the Diabetic Foot and Partial Ray Amputation Outcomes.

Also being presented is CellerateRx An Evidence Based Skin Tear Study: Interim Evaluation by Dr. Jane Fore, MD, FAPWCA, FACCWS, Medical Director, Tri-State Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center. In addition, Dr. Fore will be conducting a series of workshops on The Benefits of Collagen in Wound Healing: Methods of Action and Selection of Collagen Containing Dressings.

I am delighted to be conducting the workshop on collagen dressings, states Dr. Fore. I have been using CellerateRx in my wound care protocols for over 5 years now and it is an essential part of my wound care treatments for success. I am excited to be able to show practitioners the many ways CellerateRx can be used in their wound care practice, especially with difficult or challenging wounds such as diabetic ulcers.

We are particularly excited about exhibiting at the NCVH conference this year, states Cathy Bradshaw, President of Wound Care Innovations. It allows us to be with the industry leaders and promote our advanced wound care product, CellerateRx. In addition, the two abstracts and workshop provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the many unique features and characteristics of CellerateRx, particularly in diabetic wound care. Diabetic ulcers are one of the largest challenges in the health care industry today, both for the patient and economic expenditures. Statistics show that around 85% of Lower Extremity Amputation’s begin with an ulcer; therefore a product that manages these wounds more effectively can save limbs and resources. We are especially seeing great results with the use of CellerateRx on diabetic ulcers and data continues to support this. We fully expect that these results will help us to increase our market share in the US and generate sales internationally.