Windgap Medical has entered into a strategic partnership with ALK-Abelló for the commercialisation of its epinephrine autoinjector (EAI) to treat anaphylactic shock.

As part of the deal, ALK has secured exclusive, worldwide sales and distribution rights for the Windgap EAI in exchange for up-front, technical, and sales milestone payments along with tiered royalties on net sales in the US.

The deal also includes a split of net profit for products marketed outside of the US.

Commercialisation of ANDIPen wet/dry autoinjector platform

Windgap, along with its manufacturing collaborators, is involved in the commercialisation of ANDIPen wet/dry autoinjector platform.

Epinephrine is the first product to use this platform for the treatment of anaphylaxis. The EAI has been developed to meet multiple unmet patient requirements such as like portability, temperature stability, ease-of-use, and a long shelf-life.

The FDA has not yet reviewed Windgap’s products. The company intends to get approval for its epinephrine product for anaphylaxis.

EAIs will serve as emergency treatment for acute allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, which are caused to due to exposure to certain foods, as well as exposure to venom from bee or wasp stings.

A study conducted by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimated that around 16 million Americans will experience anaphylaxis during their lifetime.

Windgap CEO and co-founder Chris Stepanian said: “Windgap is excited to be working with ALK, a world-leader in the treatment of allergy with a strong understanding of the world-wide EAI market, to help commercialize our product. Our teams are working well in partnership to support that effort.

“Windgap has worked hard to assemble a world-class team to commercialize our epinephrine autoinjector. I believe the global market to be sizable and significantly under addressed.

Located in the Greater Boston area, Windgap Medical is involved in the development of patient solutions by using its patented wet/dry drug delivery platform.

Based in Hørsholm of Denmark, ALK is a global specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the marketing of allergy immunotherapy treatments and other products and services for people with allergy and allergy doctors.