The partnership is based on app and data technology integration to study the impacts of recovery on overall health and how it optimises human performance

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WHOOP has announced a data integration collaboration with Hyperice. (Credit: Business Wire)

Human performance company WHOOP has announced a data integration collaboration with wellness brand Hyperice to better understand the relationship between recovery and how it affects overall health.

The integration is said to be the first of various joint initiatives between the two firms that aim to advance human performance through quantitative data. It will also help in better understanding the impact that dynamic air compression and percussive massage have on physical recovery.

Under the partnership, users of the US-based WHOOP and Hyperice’s technologies will be able to exchange data via Apple Health to track their recovery activities.

WHOOP members will be able to log their recovery activities automatically in the WHOOP app when using Hyperice’s Hypervolt line of percussion massage devices and Normatec dynamic air compression systems.

WHOOP CEO and founder Will Ahmed said: “We are proud to announce our new partnership with Hyperice and help our WHOOP members quantify the impact that Hypervolt and Normatec tools have on their recovery.

“Recovery is a cornerstone of human performance. This new integration will help our members better understand how post-activity recovery technology can improve their health and performance.”

The app integrations will allow users to see how percussive massage and dynamic air compression therapy affect their daily biometrics and WHOOP recovery scores.

Additionally, users of the wellness brand app will get recommended recovery routines based on their recovery and activities recorded in the WHOOP app.

Hyperice CEO Jim Huether said: “For years, both WHOOP and Hyperice have been progressive in developing innovative products and technologies to advance human performance and health.

“Today, we are excited to announce this first of its kind partnership with WHOOP, where we will be integrating our collective technologies for the benefit of the end user.

“As a result of this collaboration, we are able to provide quantitative real-time feedback to consumers around the benefits of wellness and recovery technology, and the impact on performance and health.”