White Smile Global and its distribution partner Institut Saint Paul have together opened a new White Smile Dental Spa in Europe.

The new White Smile Dental Spa will bring together daily-use products like the White Smile Complete Dual Oxygen-Infused Oral Foam, all light-activated and take-home teeth whitening kits.

Institut Saint Paul president Philipe Montegut said they have received an enormous amount of inquiries across Europe regarding this patent-pending White Smile ‘Non-Peroxide’ gel, and they felt that it was imperative to open the first location so that potential partners could see the facility and use the product.

White Smile Global CEO Omar Ahmadzai said they are finalizing additional locations throughout Europe with Institut Saint Paul and are very excited to begin the new venture.

"We are also pleased to be coming close to announcing additional distributors in the UK and Asia in the coming weeks," Ahmadzai said.