Produced by West’s subsidiary Medimop Medical Projects, the Vial2Bag DC device was developed to transfer drug products between a vial and a standard IV bag or bottle.

West Pharmaceutical Services pharmaceutical delivery systems president John Paproski said: "Intravenous infusions are one of the most universally used methods of administration in healthcare settings.

"Our new Vial2Bag DC device simplifies the IV admixture process and eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and minimizes potential drug exposure, making this procedure safer and more efficient for healthcare staff."

The device, which connects to the IV bag set port using a standard IV spike, can be used with all standard manufacturers’ bags.

Vial2Bag DC device is available for 13mm and 20mm diameter vials, and is suitable for all standard IV bags. It will be distributed by Progressive Medical to hospitals in the US.

Progressive Medical president and CEO Mark Martin said: "At PMI, our mission is to identify innovative new products that can improve the quality of patient healthcare, so we are very excited about the launch of Vial2Bag DC, because of its potential to improve patient outcomes, and at the same time, streamline and lessen costs in the healthcare system."