Virtual Radiologic Corporation (vRad), a global provider of radiology services, has signed a licensing agreement with Baton Rouge Radiology Group, a long-time vRad customer, for its vRad Enterprise Connect SM 3.0 suite of technology solutions.

vRad Enterprise Connect 3.0 is expected to be used by Baton Rouge Radiology Group to unify disparate technologies including worklists, image viewers, and report generation and distribution; facilitate rapid critical results communication; and provide long-term image storage.

The ability to unify disparate technologies was particularly important to Baton Rouge Radiology Group, which supports more than 70 hospitals, imaging centers and other facilities all of which have different technology platforms through its 25 radiologists.

vRad Enterprise Connect 3.0 has several new features including the vRad PACS SM viewer, which was initially developed for use by vRad radiologists and is being offered to customers.

It also offers vRad ResultsSM, a communications tool that gives access to images, reports, and radiologists via the Internet or mobile device, and vRad VaultSM, a secure and virtually unlimited storage solution for radiology images.

vRad Enterprise Connect is the core technology platform which vRad uses to manage and read 3 million studies annually from over 1,200 facilities. vRad has continuously advanced vRad Enterprise Connect with direct input from its more than 140 radiologists since first developing it in 2005.

Donald Trexler, CEO of Baton Rouge Radiology Group, said: “We conducted a three-year search for technology that would be a catalyst for continued growth, and for a partner with the expertise to support our complex customer base.

“Finding this expertise was not easy, but when we looked at vRad’s technology offerings coupled with the deep professional practice knowlege they possess as one of the nation’s largest radiology practices, we knew it would be a fit for our business model.”

Rick Jennings, chief technology officer of vRad, said: “Cloud-based computing significantly cuts down on the expenses of investing in these kinds of technologies. All of our technology is software as a service (SaaS) oriented, which means seamless automatic upgrades and increased efficiency. And, our customers know that they are getting next-generation technology that won’t be obsolete in a few years.”