Wellstar International (Wellstar) has reached an agreement to begin a Beta test in a long term care facility. Wellstar has agreed to implement its TMI Imaging system in multiple nursing homes through an arrangement with a company that works with and supplies care to several hundred long term care facilities.

The company said that the Beta test is scheduled to run for 90 days. During this period, images of existing patients will be captured on a time schedule. Newly admitted patients will also be imaged. The newly compiled data that will be used to determine the specific care required for each patient, as well as to demonstrate the practical use of the TMI System within the workplace.

The objective will be to start with one facility and add up to three additional facilities as the Beta test progresses. Once the Beta test is complete, Wellstar intends to move onto a Gamma Test.

Wellstar is expected to detect in deep tissue injury and pressure ulcer detection using its infrared imaging system. Thermal Imaging is a low cost, noncontact, non-radioactive diagnostic screening procedure designed for clinical evaluation.

In addition, thermal imaging provides an ability to track the progress of therapies being utilized in a low cost, non-invasive manner. Thermal Imaging can detect signs of pressure ulcers before they are visible with the naked eye through detection of temperature changes at the site which allows for treatment of the pressure ulcer before it erupts.

The TMI system can be used to scan all new patients into hospitals and long-term care facilities prior admittance and begin treating existing wounds before they are visible.