Weill Cornell Medical College has selected Ingenuity systems' Ingenuity variant analysis and Ingenuity iReport for use in its sequencing core facility.

Ingenuity variant analysis is used to identify causal variants from the output of whole genome and exome sequencing experiments.

Ingenuity iReport facilitates researchers working with RNA-Seq data to determine key affected pathways and biological processes, and understand the molecular and genetic basis of observed gene expression changes.

Cornell University institute for computational biomedicine assistant professor Christopher Mason said variant analysis enables the company to identify the most compelling variants from an NGS resequencing study, and Ingenuity iReport makes rich biology and networks underlying an RNA-Seq study really approachable and intuitive.

"Both solutions provide a unique combination of filtering, analytics, and deep expert-curated annotation content, so we can quickly prioritize variants and genes of interest," Mason added.