WaveTec Vision's VerifEye monitoring system, a hardware upgrade for ORA System, is commercially available in the US.

ORA System is used by the ophthalmic surgeons globally to improve the accuracy of cataract surgery.

VerifEye monitoring system helps in measuring the eye stability by providing streaming refractions in a preview screen.

ORA-guided cataract surgery helps surgeons in measuring the eye and refine outcomes during the procedure, rather than having to wait and see as with traditional cataract surgery.

The accuracy and results of ORA-Guided procedures continue to be enhanced when combined with VerifEye, the company claimed.

WaveTec president and CEO Tom Frinzi said that with the commercial launch of VerifEye, WaveTec Vision is continuing its tradition of scientific and clinical advances in cataract surgery.

"The world’s most progressive cataract surgeons are adopting the ORA System now with VerifEyebecause they believe they can provide improved outcomes for their patients," Frinzi added.