Watermark Medical, a healthcare information technology company focused on improving the clinical outcomes of patients with chronic diseases, is set to offer CareFusion's NOX-T3 Home Sleep Testing (HST) device through its nationwide network in Q3 2011

The NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor is the second HST option for patients, in addition to the US Food and Drug and Administration approved ARES, that will be available through Watermark Medical’s network.

CareFusion’s NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor features an array of sleep sensors, including a Bluetooth receiver.

Watermark Medical president Charlie Alvarez said as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) awareness increases and insurance companies are mandating a home sleep test option, availability of the CareFusion NOX-T3 home sleep testing device allows them to expand the Watermark Medical platform and allow other HST devices to access their extensive physician, sleep lab and DME networks.

CareFusion Respiratory Care Marketing vice president Gijsbert Van Kampen said they are focused on providing products to assist undiagnosed sleep apnea patients, and this agreement with Watermark Medical will broaden the awareness and diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing across the US.