VuCOMP will debut its new, automated breast density measurement technology, M-Vu breast density, at the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCoBC) 24th Annual Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference from 15 March to 19 March 2014 in Las Vegas.

M-Vu breast density automatically and rapidly evaluates mammograms in much the same manner as experienced radiologists do: by analyzing the structure and texture of the tissue, rather than simply estimating total fibroglandular volume.

The algorithms quantify areas with a dense appearance which could hide cancer and convert this to categories corresponding to the recently updated BI-RADS standard. This exclusive approach using appearance-based analysis provides useful adjunctive information.

VuCOMP CEO Jeff Wehnes noted M-Vu breast density is at work in multiple clinics and doctors are already finding it to be beneficial.

"We designed it to analyze the appearance of fibroglandular tissue rather than using a volumetric approach. This focuses our product more directly on identifying areas that could mask cancers. We believe this better aligns with the new ACR BI-RADS categories," Wehnes added.

In addition to M-Vu breast density, clinics around the world are using the company’s M-Vu computer-aided detection (CAD) for mammography. M-Vu CAD analyzes mammograms to mark areas consistent with breast cancer using sophisticated mathematical algorithms.