The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved VuCOMP's M-Vu Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) for mammography version 3.2.

The latest version of the M-Vu CAD algorithm is said to enhance sensitivity, allowing to improve mass detection performance.

VuCOMP president and CTO Jim Pike said: "We are committed to providing our customers, and the industry, with the most advanced CAD solution for mammography.

"M-Vu CAD version 3.2 delivers yet another enhancement to our product line, which demonstrates our dedication to the continuous improvement of our offerings."

Earlier in June 2014, VuCOMP obtained FDA approval for M-Vu CAD for mammography version 3.1.

The M-Vu CAD system, which uses computer vision algorithms to identify areas of a mammogram, is approved for digital mammography systems produced by Carestream, Fuji, GE, Giotto, Hologic, Konica Minolta, Philips, Planmed, and Siemens.

The company also received FDA approval for M-Vu Breast Density in December 2013, in addition to M-Vu CAD.