Voom Medical Devices, a human-forward medical device company leading the transformation of surgical bunion correction, has pioneered a significant advancement in the standard of care in surgical bunion repair.

The company is pleased to report a rapidly accelerating interest in its proprietary, minimally invasive Bunionplasty 360 Bunion Repair solution, as both surgeons and patients continue to seek multi-dimensional approaches to the pain, disfigurement, and physical limitations caused by bunions.

Unlike other surgical bunion correction methods, the minimally invasive, fusion-free Bunionplasty 360 Bunion Repair approach permits the realignment of the bone from all angles, all planes, and all dimensions at all times.

The procedure offers surgeons a far more refined approach, one that may be used in treating bunions of all sizes and severities. It represents a profound advancement over approaches designated “3D” or “4D” in that it corrects the true cause of bunions, by realigning the big toe joint through first metatarsal regeneration – rather than unnecessarily and permanently fusing an otherwise healthy midfoot.

“Patients don’t understand what 3D or 4D even means in the context of surgical bunion correction, and surgeons themselves have a hard time explaining it in a way that doesn’t sound like a gimmick, especially in light of its use of midfoot fusion,” notes Dr. Bogdan Grecea, DPM, FACFAS, Voom Director of Surgeon Onboarding. “One of the first things surgeons learn in our training is the reason we refer to the Bunionplasty procedure as a 360 Bunion Repair solution – it not only preserves the foot’s mobility, it restores its functionality.”

“As patients continue to educate themselves about the difference between the 360 Bunion Repair and 3D or 4D, they deserve simple, transparent answers,” Dr. Grecea continues. “And once they complete their training with us, surgeons are excited to tell patients that there’s a comprehensive new solution that actually works for them and their lives.”

“We appreciate seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa visual metaphor, which I originated 17 years ago and abandoned 6 years ago, currently being used today to describe 3D or 4D midfoot fusion-type procedures that permanently immobilize the building’s foundation, if you will,” notes Voom’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Neal Blitz, DPM, FACFAS. “But we’ve listened to patients who refuse to fuse – they’re human beings, and their foundations are just fine. The Bunionplasty 360 Bunion Repair solution offers everything they need to move forward.”