The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted regulatory approval to Avinger's Ocelot | PIXL.

Ocelot | PIXL, which is supported by the company’s Lightbox console, enables physicians to navigate lesions with a choice between 135cm or 150cm working length.

Using the 5 French sheath compatibility and reinforced distal coil for precise steerability, Ocelot | PIXL goes the extra distance with ease and provides intravascular imaging at all times.

Avinger founder and CEO John Simpson said Ocelot | PIXL, with its smaller profile and longer length, is designed to bring all the benefits of Ocelot to help physicians treat more patients with smaller arteries.

"Because Ocelot | PIXL, like the original Ocelot catheter, uses real-time intravascular imaging via optical coherence tomography (OCT), I’m confident more legs will be saved, and more patients will walk home happy," Simpson added.