The Superior Court of Massachusetts has issued a favorable decision for Volcano Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary Axsun Technologies, and ruled against St Jude Medical Subsidiary, LightLab Imaging, on all of it's remaining claims for trade secret misappropriation.

Volcano reported that the 11-page decision also rejected LightLab‘s request for injunctive relief.

The ruling follows prior Court rulings, in October 2010 and December 2009, that rejected other LightLab’s trade secret misappropriation claims.

Volcano president and CEO Scott Huennekens said they are pleased with this ruling and along with prior court decisions issued in October 2010 and in December 2009, it confirms that Volcano/Axsun are not using LightLab’s purported trade secrets in their OCT development efforts.

"We intend to continue developing our OCT system, and can now do so with the reassurance that the Court concurs with our position," Huennekens said.

Volcano will continue to execute on our growth strategy of providing diagnostic and therapeutic imaging devices to improve patient outcomes."