Viztek, a provider of digital radiology solution, has installed its Opal-ORTHO PACS and ViZion DR U-Arm at Edison Metuchen Orthopaedic Group (EMOG) in Edison, New Jersey, US.

With Viztek’s complete DR plus PACS digital solution, EMOG is able to perform between 65 and 85 x-ray procedures daily in a single x-ray room, for which the practice previuosly used two traditional analog x-ray rooms.

The orthopaedic facility, which has eleven orthopaedic surgeons and a psychiatrist, was not using any digital means to store or view their images prior to the PACS installation.

Viztek VP of Sales Steve Deaton said it is becoming commonplace for practices that previously utilized two x-ray rooms implement one DR room and PACS, which allows the facility to support an even higher volume with more efficient workflow.

"Facilities like EMOG are able to see the same amount of patients in less time and are even able to add significantly more volume to their schedule without increasing office hours," Deaton said.

DR Product Manager Bruce Ashby said the facility received Viztek’s latest ViZion configuration complete with weight bearing stand and workstation stitching.

"Facilities considering digital are looking at conventional table and upright systems; after review of the Viztek U-Arm they quickly realize the advantages it offers for positioning. EMOG quickly realized how versatile the U-Arm is, handling all positions desired," Ashby said.

EMOG COO Marian Tang said the Viztek digital solution has been the right fit for their practice.

"We are all very pleased with the addition of the Viztek PACS and DR. The transition to digital was smooth and our throughput and workflow have improved markedly," Tang said.