To be tested, the user will simply obtain a drop of blood with a safety lancet and apply it directly on the cartridge


Vivera Pharmaceuticals has announced one-step Covid-19 testing cartridge. (Credit: Daniel Roberts from Pixabay)

Vivera Pharmaceuticals announced the development of a new one-step testing cartridge for Covid-19 antibody testing.

The ground-breaking cartridge will use a simplified procedure to help eliminate operator error and will lead to more consistent results.

To be tested, the user will simply obtain a drop of blood with a safety lancet and apply it directly on the cartridge. Upon closing the cartridge, the integrated blood flow system will automatically deliver the required amount of blood to the sample well, all while the internal buffer solution automatically releases, providing the exact volume of buffer needed for the test.

“The advantage of this new one-step testing cartridge is the simplification of the entire testing process,” said Dr. Mehdi Hatamian, Vivera Pharmaceuticals Chief Scientific Advisor. “This technology will eventually allow for large-scale COVID-19 antibody testing and pave the way for future testing devices designed to greatly reduce the risk of human error.”

“A consistent, user friendly, testing device will prove to be a vital tool for use not only at the point-of-care by medical professionals, but will open the door to the convenience of at-home testing for all,” said Dr. Stephen McColgan Vivera Pharmaceuticals Chief Medical Officer. “As the world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine, we know that screening with antibody tests is the best way to help make more informed public health decisions.”

“The availability of novel medical device technologies is exciting for the future expansion of our medical device division,” said Paul Edalat Vivera Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Officer. “A combination of innovative product development and strategic partnerships is really going to set Vivera apart in the coming months.”

Vivera Pharmaceuticals is currently in discussions with the nation’s top telemedicine providers to develop effective testing protocols for the one-step cartridge once the FDA provides the appropriate pathways.

Source: Company Press Release