As part of the deal, LifeWatch will use Vital Connect’s HealthPatch MD as part of its cardiac telemetry service to continuously monitor a range of arrhythmias.

HealthPatch MD is FDA-cleared and CE-marked wearable biosensor, which provides ECG data used in detecting arrhythmias in the form of a small adhesive patch.

According to Vital Connect, HealthPatch MD can wirelessly transmit vital signs, including electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, activity (including step count) and posture (body position relative to gravity, including fall detection).

Vital Connect CEO Nersi Nazari said: "Physicians need accurate measurements to properly diagnose a cardiac condition. However, if patients are required to wear equipment with wires that prevents them from engaging in their regular daily activities, they will be less likely to adhere to monitoring instructions.

"We designed HealthPatch MD as a device that patients can put on, wear comfortably and forget about for days at a time without sacrificing the quality of the real time data being collected."