NxThera, a developer of Rezum vapor ablation system, has named Andre de Bruin as the company's new Chairman.

Since November 2009, Bruin worked at NxThera as the director and also served at Quidel as chief executive officer (CEO) from 1998 until 2001.

At Somatogen, Bruin served as chairman, president and CEO and also worked at Boehringer Mannheim, an acquired company by Hoffman-La Roche, as chairman, president and CEO.

NxThera president and CEO Bob Paulson said their entire organization will benefit from Andre’s healthcare knowledge and experience as they begin their clinical studies, prepare for international and US commercialization, and leverage their vapor ablation technology platform into other new and compelling clinical endourology indications.

NxThera’s Rezum System delivers vapor directly to the prostate to reduce the tissue volume that causes urinary obstruction, thus resulting in improvements in urinary flow and patient quality of life.