Pearl, the global leader in dental AI solutions, and VisiQuick, one of Europe’s top dental imaging software platforms, today announced that Pearl’s Second Opinion disease detection capabilities are now available to VisiQuick users as a fully-integrated feature set. This partnership expands international access to Pearl’s suite of AI solutions, delivering a higher standard of dentistry to patients throughout the EU.

“The future of dentistry will be defined by the rate of adoption of AI-backed care, which is why at Pearl, we’re deeply committed to ensuring that patients, providers, and practices have ready access to our AI solutions and their many clinical benefits,” said Ophir Tanz, founder and CEO of Pearl. “By integrating Second Opinion’s capabilities within VisiQuick’s imaging solution, instantly equipping thousands of practices around the world with dentistry’s most powerful clinical AI, our partnership with VisiQuick ensures a brighter dental future.”

Second Opinion, the industry’s first and only chairside AI software with global regulatory clearances, applies computer vision technology to help dentists identify numerous diseases and other conditions found in dental x-rays. Pearl’s AI delivers its findings in real-time for patient-facing display in the dental operatory, helping dentists ensure the accuracy of their x-ray evaluations and enabling them to better communicate diagnoses to patients. Through this integration, VisiQuick users can now access AI evaluations of 2D intraoral X-ray images from Second Opinion directly within the VisiQuick platform.

“VisiQuick is designed to assist dentists in acquiring, viewing, enhancing, comparing, and annotating all x-rays and intraoral images in order to optimize dental workflows and streamline patient management,” said Piet Reijers, Director of VisiQuick/Citodent Imaging. “With Pearl as a partner, we have dramatically enhanced those capabilities and benefits.”

Source: Company Press Release