Visio has begun to rollout CompuMed’s digital telemedicine technology to hospitals, occupational and home health clients, as well as long-term care facilities in mobile and rural markets across Ohio. Visio’s mobile services bring the diagnostic testing center directly to the patient.

The announcement follows CompuMed’s recently initiated campaign to reach underserved markets for cardiac care, which include geriatric, pediatric and rural healthcare. CompuMed plans to reach the markets by building upon its existing network of hundreds of CardioGram sites nationwide, each accessing advanced cardiovascular diagnostic services through Compumed’s telemedicine infrastructure.

Maurizio Vecchione, president and CEO of CompuMed, said: “Our CardioGram and OsteoGram technologies represent our leading eHealth initiatives, and they are revolutionizing the capabilities of mobile health care delivery.

“We look forward to working closely with Visio Mobile Diagnostics, one of the nation’s premier innovators and providers of mobile health care services.”

Doug Cook, CEO of Visio Mobile Diagnostics, said: “Our clients and staff are very impressed with the CardioGram and OsteoGram systems, which we have been able to rapidly implement in a demanding healthcare environment. We see this as a major game changer for us, helping us to solidify our position as Ohio’s premier provider of mobile medical testing services.”

Visio Mobile Diagnostics is a Ohio’s provider of mobile x-ray and cardiac testing services, serving a wide array of regional and state government entities, corporations, healthcare organisations and professional sports teams.