The EOS™ is designed for use in the peripheral vasculature and offers immediate and permanent vessel occlusion in arterial and venous settings.

"This new generation of the ArtVentive EOS™ peripheral device represents a significant step forward in the EOS™ technology and design, offering profile reductions, reversibility, enhanced control over deployment and the opportunity to advance into new indications. These advancements allow for the development of devices of varying diameters – with the ability to treat smaller and larger vessel sizes – necessary to meet growing market demands," stated Leon Rudakov, PhD, President and CTO of ArtVentive.

"The first EOS™ Gen II animal study produced excellent clinical results, demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of this advanced embolization therapy."

ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc., with corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California, is an innovative, multi-faceted medical device company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing globally a family of devices featuring the ArtVentive EOS™.

The ArtVentive EOS™ is a catheter-based, self-expandable device, which facilitates permanent and immediate occlusion of peripheral vessels. The ArtVentive EOS™ is designed to serve as a safe and reliable alternative to major surgery in certain cases.