VIDA Diagnostics, a provider of quantitative imaging and informatics services, has announced the release of Apollo 2.0 at the 2013 American College of Chest Physicians Conference.

The software advance signifies the next generation product expansion of its flagship Apollo pulmonary imaging software platform, introducing distributed review of results, enhancements to structured reporting, and streamlining of the imaging services workflow.

University of Chicago Interventional Pulmonology director Dr Kyle Hogarth noted incorporation of a more informed imaging solution into the management of the patient with lung disease is a growing necessity for best practices and cost containment.

"VIDA’s Apollo identifies objective information to better understand disease subtypes, to interact with results at the point of procedure and aid in identifying optimal treatment strategies for the patient with lung disease," Dr Hogarth added.

The US Food and Drug Administration -cleared, CE, CMDCAS and TGA certified, Apollo 2.0 strengthens VIDA Diagnostics’ solution for pulmonary image analysis with workflow and dataflow improvements for use in a high volume, time constrained clinical and clinical trial environment.

VIDA Diagnostics’ pulmonary image evaluation services generate repeatable measurements of lung structure and function aiding the pulmonary physician in determining appropriate treatment strategies.

VIDA Diagnostics president and CEO Dr Susan A Wood noted clinical use of quantitative imaging information is a partnership between the clinical site and the company’s service offerings.

"Apollo 2.0 extends the reach of our flagship Apollo offering and enables interaction with the quantitative imaging results at the point of care," Dr Wood added.