David Fater, CEO of Vicor Technologies, Inc announced that findings from trials of Vicor's PD2i VS (Vital Sign) which has been performed under a collaborative agreement between Vicor and the USAISR at Smart Monitoring 2009 and the ATACCC 2009 Conference on August 10-12, 2009 in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida will be presented by Andriy Batchinsky, MD, a researcher with the US Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR).

Dr. Batchinsky will make two presentations. The first — Toward Automated Detection of Life-threatening Injury Using Comprehensive Assessment of the Electrocardiogram will be presented at the Smart Monitoring 2009 Conference during a panel discussion entitled, New Vital Signs, Predictive Variables and Indices, on Sunday, August 9. The second Does Heart Rate Complexity Add to Traditional Vital Signs for Trauma Patient Triage? will be presented at the ATACCC 2009 Conference on Tuesday, August 11. Both presentations will a) detail the use of Vicor’s PD2i VS as a new vital sign diagnostic that more accurately risk stratifies trauma severity and the probability of survival in the critically injured, and b) provide a review of findings from trials conducted under the Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between Vicor and the USAISR begun in January 2008.

We’re extremely pleased and honored to have our PD2i VS diagnostic presented at Smart Monitoring 2009 and the ATACCC 2009 Conference by Dr. Batchinsky, who has been actively involved in all of the clinical trials of the PD2i VS conducted under the CRADA, stated Mr. Fater. As we steadily advance commercialization of our PD2i diagnostics, visibility at prestigious conferences such as these enhances our opportunity to explore new strategic relationships and collaborative efforts that may enable us to identify new applications for the PD2i, he continued. Additional information about the PD2i VS and trials demonstrating its effectiveness to risk stratify trauma severity along with information about our other PD2i diagnostics may be found at our new website Mr. Fater concluded.