The Q Inside has been developed to act as an electronic serial number within implanted medical devices. It is currently being used within EL’s Motiva Implant Matrix breast implants.

The technology allows physicians and patients to access a secure and online database to retrieve implant-specific data such as serial number, manufacturer name, date of manufacture, lot number, volume, size and other data from the device manufacturer.

It will also offer an extra level of protection to the patient in the event of a device recall or other safety event.

VeriTeQ chairman and CEO Scott Silverman said: "We believe this latest purchase order from Establishment Labs demonstrates the current demand and expected continued growth for our customer’s best-in-class Motiva Implant Matrix breast implants with Q Inside safety technology around the globe."

Establishment Labs distributes its CE marked breast implants in the Latin America, Asia and Europe, including the UK.

VeriTeQ develops radio frequency identification technologies for implantable medical device identification and dosimeter technologies for use in radiation therapy treatment.