Alercell announced today that it will begin distributing the Clip COVID Rapid Antigen Test, a revolutionary antigen analyzer along with its antigen COVID-19 test collection kits, across the U.S through its network and partnerships.

The Luminostics Clip Analyzer is an analyzer intended to be used for objective readout of cartridge-based immunoluminescent in vitro diagnostic assays manufactured by Luminostics. The Clip COVID Rapid Antigen Test received FDA Emergency Use Authorization in December 2020 for point-of-care use in CLIA laboratories including CLIA Waived Laboratories.

Antigen tests are diagnostic tests that checks to see if you are infected with the coronavirus. The test looks for proteins (antigens) in a sample taken from your nose or throat. Antigen testing is designed to be quicker and simpler than other tests for the coronavirus and could be conducted at the point of care. A breakthrough in coronavirus antigen testing could become part of the broader solution for the widespread testing shortages. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), antigen tests can be used in a variety of testing strategies to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and are helpful in determining whether a person diagnosed with COVID-19 remains infectious.

Such tests need to have high accuracy and “we are pleased to work with Luminostics because of the very high Sensitivity and Specificity of the Clip COVID Rapid Antigen Test. We believe that Luminostics technology is ahead of the competition. This new high-sensitivity antigen test is another example of Alercell ‘s commitment to providing people with the information they need to make important health decisions,” Said Dr. Alexandre Scheer Chief Medical Officer of Alercell.

The Clip COVID test’s hardware and software leverage patented innovations in nanotechnology, materials chemistry, and signal processing to enable high-accuracy, cost-effective diagnostics. The Luminostics core innovation is a new type of nanoparticle that is very sensitively detectable using a smartphone’s built-in camera and flash in combination with Luminostics’ proprietary hardware and software. Because of its 21st century technology the system allows automated reporting results linkable to LIMS & EHR systems and reportable to public health authorities. The system is efficient with a single operator able to run tens of tests each hour with a hands-on time of only 90 seconds per test. At the difference of standard Antigen tests, the ClipCovid is a machine read Antigen allowing much higher accuracy than the competition.

Alercell continues to recommend that individuals follow health guidelines, including wearing a mask in public, socially distancing, frequently washing hands and avoiding large groups, and receiving a COVID-19 vaccine as availability increases and the CDC guidance expands to more eligible groups.

Source: Company Press Release