VeriTeQ Acquisition Corporation is set to launch its radio frequency identification (RFID) VeriChip microchip to identify breast implants and other medical devices.

Through a contract with a medical device manufacturer, VeriTeQ is now working to identify vascular ports devices, for the proper identification of the port and medication dosing requirements.

VeriTeQ said it is providing a 8-millimeter microchip for use in vascular ports and believes that its microchip can be used safely and effectively in breast implants and artificial joint replacements.

The company’s VeriChip has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2004.

VeriTeQ chairman and CEO Scott Silverman said embedding their VeriChip within a medical device prior to insertion enables a healthcare professional to scan the area of the patient’s body where the device is implanted and receive immediate and accurate confirmation of what the device in question is and its manufacturer.