Verisante Technology has selected StarFish Medical engineering services and expertise to develop Verisante Aura, a novel, multimodality imaging and spectroscopy system designed to aid in the early detection of skin cancer.

Verisante Aura provides valuable information about the chemical composition of the skin quickly and non-invasively.

The device scans for 21 biomarkers instantly, providing immediate, accurate results on benign and malignant lesions.

The Aura requires the use of a disposable end cap to be replaced after each use for health and sanitary reasons.

Verisante Technology CEO Thomas Braun said their next major milestones for the Aura are to apply for regulatory approvals in Canada, the European Union and Australia.

"With our strategic partner preparing for manufacturing over the next several months, we will be increasing our focus on marketing the Aura in the territories where we obtain regulatory approvals," Braun said.