The new Spectrum blades feature Dynamic Light Control and Ambient Light Reduction technology, which will help to enhance image quality.

Dynamic Light Control can automatically adjust image brightness at the vocal cords during intubation, while Ambient Light Reduction is said to carry off excess light to further refine image quality.

Verathon’s new product line includes two blade styles, comprising of LoPro and MAC.

LoPro S1, S2, S3, and S4 feature the GlideScope blade angle, while LoPro MAC S3 and S4 blades include streamlined Macintosh-style design.

GlideScope Spectrum blades will enhance intubation in routine and difficult airways.

These can be used in various clinical settings such as the operating room, emergency department, and critical care.

The firm is providing the new blades for patients from 1.5kg to morbidly obese.

Verathon Respiratory & Surgical Solutions business group general manager and vice president Tim Shauf said: "Image quality is a critical factor in successful intubation using video laryngoscopy.

“Getting a consistently clear view of the airway and vocal folds helps a clinician maneuver the endotracheal tube and confirm its proper placement."

Verathon president Earl Thompson said: “Dynamic Light Control produces a 166% brighter vocal cord image compared to our previous generation of single-use blades, and Ambient Light Reduction reduces nonessential around the image by 29%.”

Verathon, which produces imaging and respiratory medical devices, carries out operations in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.