Veran Medical Technologies has recently completed its first installation and performed several procedures at Duke University Medical Center with its FDA-cleared SPiN Drive product. The product enables clinicians to navigate deep into the peripheral regions of the lungs to access, biopsy and treat potentially cancerous solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN's).

Veran said that its SPiN Drive product acts as a GPS-like system to enable pulmonologists and surgeons to access the SPN’s to immediately diagnose malignancy, stop the ‘watchful waiting’ and reduce Healthcare Spending.

Jerome Edwards, president and chief executive officer of Veran, said: “Performing these procedures at Duke marks a significant milestone in the company’s history.”

Troy Holsing, chief technology officer of Veran, said: “We feel confident that our product provides the needed accuracy and streamlined workflow to truly enable pulmonologists to diagnose and treat lung cancer in a manner that makes a significant impact.”

Veran Medical Technologies is a privately held company led by a team of ex-Medtronic innovators focused on developing the next standard of care for minimally invasive delivery of interventional oncology therapies.