Varian has released the 971-FP flash purification system, equipped with intelligent sensors, automated diagnostics, and a 'Guide-me' feature, which helps to achieve efficient compound purification on the first attempt.

The flash purification system consists of four elements like the 971-FP instrument, consumables including SuperFlash columns and DASi sample injection module, IntelliFlash software, and support to keep the system operating at peak efficiency all the times.

Regardless of the operator’s chromatography expertise, the 971-FP system, with easy method selection and ready-to-run feature, delivers compound purifications in a short time. It is used by pharmaceutical chemists during the drug discovery stage to purify candidate compounds.

Varian provides options for linear scale-up from the microgram/milligram level through to multi-kg cGMP production scale. This eliminates the need to re-develop methods at each scale up step and so reduces the time to purified product.

Martin O’Donoghue, senior vice president of scientific instruments at Varian, said: “Pharmaceutical laboratories need systems that lessen the risk of losing valuable product, with a minimum of operator input. The automated 971-FP reduces time spent on purification and frees up time for compound synthesis.”