Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (Varian Medical), a manufacturer of medical products for treating cancer and other medical conditions, will be showcasing its products at the ASNT Research Symposium and Spring conference taking place March 16-20, 2009 at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. The products include new computed tomography system, the BIR 500-450/225, capable of operating in volumetric (cone-beam) CT, helical volume CT, and real-time radiographic imaging modes.

This system offers distributed reconstruction, providing image reconstruction performance on large volume data sets.

A line of high KV X-ray tube sources for non-destructive inspection (NDI), including the new Beryllium (Be) window NDI 451 X-ray tube, for inspection of castings for automotive, aerospace, and other industrial applications. The new Beryllium window NDI 451 tube can be used at energy levels ranging between 75kV and 450kV. The Beryllium window NDI 451 is highly efficient and features a very low filtration value, allowing more X-rays to be generated at lower energies than is possible with the standard Iron (Fe) window version of the NDI 451 tube.