Varian will also present X-ray tubes for fluoroscopy, angiography, cardiology and cone-beam CT imaging.

Rick Colbeth, R&D engineering manager of Varian’s PaxScan imaging products, said: “Our detectors present a uniform, undistorted, high resolution image throughout the field of view. They offer significant improvement in image quality, superior contrast resolution and the potential of dose reduction. In addition, the PaxScan interface offers integration consistency throughout the product line, allowing our customers who integrate one of our detectors to easily add additional PaxScan products.”

Steve Kummel, vice president of marketing at Varian X-Ray products, said: “Varian PaxScan line is the broadest selection of digital X-ray imaging detectors in the industry. Our dynamic X-ray panels consist of six different sizes ranging from 13cm x 13cm to 40cm x 30cm.

“Originally developed to enable high-resolution 3-D cone-beam CT imaging in Varian’s systems for image-guided radiotherapy, the panels have been incorporated into the emerging cone-beam cross-sectional X-ray imaging market such as the new generation super-surgical C-arms. Our cone beam CT panels enable a high degree of precision by helping doctors visualize the patient in 3-D images.”