The new Patent 7661445 entitled ‘Shielded Cathode Assembly’ is Varian Medical Systems’ 100th X-ray tube patent from the US Patent Office. It applies to internal shielding in X-ray tubes. Where lead is normally used in the tube housing to protect from radiation leakage, the new patent involves moving the shielding, made of tungsten, inside the X-ray tube, closer to the point of X-ray development.

Dennis Runnoe, vice president of X-Ray products research and development group at Varian, said: “By moving the shielding as close to the X-ray source as possible, this innovative technology improves the radiation shielding, reduces the tube weight and moves toward a ‘greener’ product by using less lead. Varian has been a pioneer in anode grounded tube technology which has resulted in faster CT-scanning, air cooled X-ray tubes for safer mammography and smaller size, lighter weight X-ray tubes.”

Bob Kluge, president of X-Ray Products at Varian, said: “Our focus on innovative cost-effective solutions for developing and advancing X-ray technology fuels our company’s growth and helps to improve the performance and cost effectiveness of the X-ray imaging equipment manufactured by our customers. In order to meet our customers’ evolving technology requirements for high-resolution imaging, longer tube life, and faster throughput, we have a comprehensive research and development program which incorporates teaming concepts and active customer participation.”