Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) and Dako have entered into an agreement to license, manufacture and distribute cancer diagnostics utilizing the MET4 Antibody.

The MET4 Antibody detects the MET cancer-causing gene in human tumors and works well in conventional diagnostic procedures.

The MET4 Antibody was developed by George F. Vande Woude, and Brian Cao of VARI and Beatrice Knudsen, formerly of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Under the agreement, Dako will develop and manufacture and market diagnostic tools with the MET4 Antibody for clinically relevant diagnostic indications.

Dako also holds right to develop MET4 companion diagnostic assays (pharmDx assays) in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to identify cancer patients who may benefit from MET-targeted therapies.

Dako CEO Lars Holmkvist said, "The application of the MET4 Antibody in Dako’s extensive pharmDx development pipeline will expand the growing numbers of high quality companion diagnostic pharmDx kit solutions released from Dako and further improve patient characterization and selection for tailored drug treatment."

VARI founding research director Vande Woude said, "Studies have shown that targeting MET signaling can have potent antitumor effects, and it is therefore important to identify patient subgroups most likely to benefit from MET-targeted therapies."