Varex Imaging will exhibit its latest imaging components of X-Ray tubes, digital detectors, connect and control devices and software solutions at the annual European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which takes place at Vienna in Austria from 1 March to 4 March.

The Varex exhibit will feature an array of the company's digital detectors, X-ray tubes, connect and control accessories and imaging software located at Expo X2/Booth #12.

Varex Imaging sales and marketing vice president Carl LaCasce said: "At this year's ECR we are excited to offer our customers a full imaging value chain with a path to improve image quality, with greater cost efficiency, and potential for increased patient throughput.”

Varex's new Power Chain solution line supports computed tomography (CT) systems to improve the total cost of ownership, shorten development times, simplify the supply chain, and provide a higher level of system integration and support from the early stages of gantry design through product release and production.

"Our CT customers now have access to a platform of products that provides a choice of different components with industry standard interfaces and the ability to customize key performance features," added LaCasce. This system includes a CT tube, generator, tube control unit, heat exchanger, high voltage connectors and accessory devices.

Varex offers a full-line of CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) and amorphous-silicon (a-Si) based digital detectors for both high performance and various clinical modalities, as well as for entry level and value segment applications:

Radiography:  premium high resolution and high performance, as well as value segment wired and wireless offerings; high speed R&F (radiography and fluoroscopy)

Mammography:  low cost, mid-tier 2D and high-end 3D detectors

Fluoroscopy:  full suite of premium CMOS and value a-Si for solutions for surgery, CBCT and cardiac applications

Varex X-ray tubes incorporate a number of features that provide customers with performance advantages for their imaging systems:

Anode-End-Grounded CT tubes for high-performance multi-slice CT scanners

Dual Ended CT tubes for cost effective and entry level multi-slice CT applications

Radiographic tubes for high patient throughput to support a wide range of applications

Mammography tubes for premium 3D and high throughput applications and 2D imaging

Replacement CT tubes for major X-ray manufacturers single, dual, and multi-slice CT scanners


A full suite of Manual and Automated collimators for fixed and mobile systems will be showcased at ECR. In addition, Varex offers several complimentary components that include a wide variety of High Voltage Interconnects, Automatic Exposure Controls (AECs), and a Smart Comfort Paddle for mammography.

Nexus DR is an advanced digital image acquisition system designed to automate patient work flow. It is a cost effective solution that includes advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality. Designed to provide fast and accurate diagnostic images with minimal user interaction, Nexus DR is an efficient solution for digital radiography. 

 In addition, Nexus DRF is a powerful multi-purpose digital imaging system that combines RF and DR capabilities on one imaging platform using Varex digital detectors.

Veolity Lung Screening is a diagnostic reading platform for high-throughput CT based lung screening environments – this system offers workflow and clinical innovations to improve the reading workflow, image quality, and diagnostic accuracy. The software package includes CAD, automatic segmentation, integration of prior findings and optimized workflow.

MeVis Online Academy solutions and platforms are web-based, installation-free, interactive online training for all imaging applications and includes options to exchange image data for further consultations.