Vantage Health, a supplier of health care products and medical consumables, has named John Harris as the company's director and cheif executive officer (CEO).

He served as a chief executive of many organizations marketing health products in Africa, since seventeen years and previously, at South Africa-based DKT International, he served as the company’s director.

Vantage Health president and chairman Lisa Ramakrishnan said they will now focus on internal operations and systems, deliverables and overall execution, alongside the continued push to develop the Vantage brand in other African countries.

"It is now my intention to continue to focus on building the company’s relationships in the sub Saharan region, John will work to consolidate our progress so far, and to ensure that the company’s subsidiary operations remain streamlined and efficient, while improving operating margins and economies of scale," Ramakrishnan said.

Vantage Health director and CEO John Harris said he looks forward to drive the Vantage agenda in Africa and create wealth for the company and its shareholders.